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build something magnificent

While most board games are played on the two dimensions of a plane, Obelisk challenges your strategy beyond the third and into the fourth dimension, adding axes of verticality and time to your geometry.

playful puzzlement

Friends turn foes in Aporia, a puzzle that challenges strategy, memory, and the limits of a collaborative duel. Simple, consistent rules make this puzzle game a dramatic, interactive centerpiece in a home or office.

Argonaut's Wheel
voyage against time

Argonaut's Wheel is a running-fight style strategy board game that tests memory, attentiveness, and perception. A game of simple rules and positioning using "time" as the ultimate leveler, players must chart out their course in order to capture their opponent's cone first!

retreat to advance

Built on its simple elegance and straightforward design, Blockade is a territory control game where players claim empty squares by walling off sections of the board from their opponent, giving the endgame an almost claustrophobic feel.

Our games are designed to be simple to learn yet engaging for a lifetime, focusing on elements of memory, attention, repetition, and strategy. Place a SE2OND game in your home or office to pique curiosities and imaginations; with only a few simple instructions, you can reconnect with yourself and with others through renewed concentration and self-discipline.