Playful Puzzlement

Aporia is a playful and stimulating 2-player strategy game that beckons guests of all ages to its curious puzzle.

A game of quick paced play, every se2ond counts, in this ultimate chess-like game of positioning.

The race is on to use your pieces to move diagonally along the unique sub-grid or jump into a winning position.

The puzzle can only be solved by first conquering your own platform. But, on your way to victory, be careful, as your opponent fights to lock you out of a move!

This board game is designed to elevate four floating platforms that are held together on an angled grid accented in its own color.

The game is anchored by its pyramid base crafted in solid wood.

Friends turn foes in Aporia, a puzzle that challenges strategy, memory, and the limits of a collaborative duel. Simple, consistent rules make this puzzle game a dramatic, interactive centerpiece in a home or office.

1) Solid American walnut wood finished with natural danish oil coating and finish with polycrylic water based clear matte finish.

2) Solid select pine wood finished with semi-gloss black paint.

3) Corian – silver birch simulated stone used for the construction of 1 set of game pieces (total 4 pieces).

4) Corian – deep night sky simulated stone used for the construction of 1 set of game pieces (total 4 pieces).

5) Cross supports have interlocking wood joint connections.







Spatial Intelligence

Duration of Game

Hand Crafted in the USA

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