An unconventional
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About SE2OND

New York based, SE2OND is a game design and development company, founded by Brandon Smart and Adam Ciffone in 2017.

Since founding the company, SE2OND designed and handcrafted 5 of its original games: Ace Tabula, Aporia, Obelisk, Blockade, & Argonaut’s Wheel.

Meet the Founders

“As creators of SE2OND, we aim to encourage people to be people with our game design, to become parts of a larger system or a whole; and with this connection, experience an immersive new mental energy and focus.”

– Brandon Smart & Adam Ciffone 

Brandon Smart

Architect, Game Designer

Brandon is the Creative Director and the second part of SE2OND.

Professionally, he works as a lead designer at a global architecture firm in New York City.

Brandon brings his visionary design eye, craftsmanship, and material aesthetic to create a gaming experience that reflects the game character hidden within each SE2OND game.

Brandon has limited free time to spare. Always one to balance freelance gigs while maintaining pace with his day job. In his downtime he enjoys outdoor activities: fly fishing, camping, snowboarding, golfing, anything that gets him off the grid!

Adam Ciffone

Game Inventor, Founder.

Adam’s the founder of SE2OND and lead game inventor.

Prior to starting SE2OND he spent over 14 years on Wall Street, working within various Legal, Risk, Audit, and Compliance functions.

Adam’s passion for rules, structure, and organization, have driven him to constantly challenge the mind through gameplay; curating new and novel games that strike a perfect balance between skill and luck.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading and writing poetry, redecorating his minimalistic, five hundred square foot studio; brainstorming new game ideas, and discovering (or rediscovering) unique furnishings at antique thrift shops.

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