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Founder, Inventor, Author

Adam’s the founder of SE2OND and lead game inventor. He’s also a lawyer, observer, and poet.

His first chapbook, Sky, Empty of Birds, is a collection of musings and reflections on a quest for an almost conscious unconsciousness - to see without having sight, to touch without grasping, and in the end, to think without thoughts, and to exist without self. To have or to be? This is the central question of his work, which touches upon a variety of central philosophical themes - such as selfhood, the limits of consciousness, subjectivity and objectivity, and action and perception.

SE2OND is an ideology. There are always two - inextricably linked - aspects: self and other. Adam’s passion to rediscover the self through game play has led to the culmination of his life’s work: a game design and development company which bears the same name. Whether you’re a gamer or simply appreciate quality art and craftsmanship, each luxury board game - designed and hand made with our heritage of detail and precision - offers a carefully curated playing experience.

Also by Adam

Sky, Empty of Birds


Empty of Birds

An atmospheric collection of poems set between Earth and sky, nature and mind, and self and other. Succinct, prayerlike stanzas evocative of Zen Buddhist koans invite us to wander a real yet unreal dreamscape of meadows, flowers, trees, rivers, mountains, and beyond to the cosmos of earth, moon, sun, and stars. Observe a shepherd and his childlike companion-the zero-live out their awareness in the passing moments of nature, with eyes open and closed, gazing both into the world and into our selves.


SE2OND is an independent tabletop game development company and art studio based in New York. We pride ourselves in producing high-end, custom play experiences for gamers and non-gamers alike. All of our original games are handcrafted and produced in limited-edition sets. Drawing from both game and art, we believe our collectible "game art" is meant to be both and satisfy either aesthetic.

Our games are designed to be simple to learn yet engaging for a lifetime, focusing on elements of memory, attention, repetition, and strategy. Place a SE2OND game in your home or office to pique curiosities and imaginations; with only a few simple instructions, you can reconnect with yourself and with others through renewed concentration and self-discipline.

Interested in hosting or sponsoring a live event? Please contact us.