Voyage Against Time

Argonaut’s Wheel is a running-fight style strategy board game that tests memory, attentiveness, and perception.

A game of simple rules and positioning using “time” as the ultimate leveler, players must chart out their course in order to capture their opponent’s cone first!

This circular, handcrafted wooden board is designed to rotate, as players are emboldened to use a revolution during their turn, as a substitute for moving a piece.

The game board’s playing surface–resembling the layers and rings of a tree trunk¬–accentuates the game’s eight stations, as players race to move cones and discs into attack position.

Each player controls two discs and one cone, exquisitely hand carved out of different color natural stone.

Each player is only in control of the three stations in front of them. So, players must do their best to anticipate the wheel’s movement¬¬-one revolution at a time-and where pieces will eventually end up, in order not to befall the ultimate fate of the wheel.

Discs and cones stack atop each other, as cones are used to kill other pieces and ultimately win the game.

Argonauts Wheel will push your mind to plan ahead and foresee multiple outcomes and contingencies that lie ahead.

Players’ biggest disadvantage is not their opponent, but time itself!

1) Solid American walnut wood cut and placed as end grain blocks, finished with general finishes arm-r-seal – satin finish sand between coats with sand paper.

2) All wood connections for board board game rotates from the base.

3) Corian -silver birch simulated stone used for the construction of 1 set of game pieces.

4) Corian -deep night sky simulated stone used for the construction of 1 set of game pieces.






Spatial Intelligence

Duration of Game

Hand Crafted in the USA

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