Memory First. Victory SE2OND.

A game combining concentration and wit, Ace Tabula is a 2-4 player card game played with a unique 60-card deck including 0’s and 1’s.


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Play begins with each player receiving three cards, face down. 

Players take turns assembling their winning hands by drawings, discarding, and stealing… but remembering them is the challenge!

Use eye and daggers to peek at and switch the order of your opponents cards testing their memory.

Use the powerful, Ace Tabula cards against your opponents to steal their cards and stop them from winning in the final moments of the game.
When you think you’ve won, don’t forget to “knock” the table to put the other players on notice giving them their final chance to stop you from victory.
The Ace Tabula platforms elevate the gaming experience for all players. Not only making the interactions of gameplay faster but emphasising the complementary design between cards and platforms. Hand crafted in the SE2OND woodshop from oak boards, finished in a dark black stain, with solid brass insets. 4 platforms come as a gaming set in a high quality branded box for easy carry to a friends or family’s home for game night.







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